Starting a business is easy. Growing and running a business is a life-changing challenge.

Forum is a venue that allows CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to come together in a trusting, confidential environment to share their concerns and receive advice from their peers. High-performance, high-level leaders have very few people in their circle of trust and very few places where they can take their issues and challenges. That’s why some call forum “the cry of the top dog.”

In the simplest terms, forum is a club for mutual improvement. It gets highly productive, creative executives talking to each other, learning from each other and problem solving together in a non-competitive, fully supportive environment. That is something few other networking avenues offer.

There are two basic types of peer forums:

  • Professionally moderated forums are run by paid moderators. These are the most common types of forums seen on the internet, as the majority are for profit. With franchise-based forums, moderators pay for a geographical region and are trained by the franchising company. These moderators then sell forum memberships which can vary from $400 to $1500 per month. Professionally moderated forums range in size from 10 to 15 members who fit specific qualifying criteria (such as annual sales of at least _____).
  • Member facilitated forums are run by their members. These forums tend to be embedded within not-for-profit organizations, and members are trained in forum protocol by a professional trainer using the organization’s process. Membership ranges from 6 to 12 members, and the cost is minimal. The forum’s facilitator is elected by the members on a rotating basis.
Being an entrepreneur is, often times, a lonely experience. I liken it very much to being a ship captain on the open seas. It takes a captain to understand what it's like to be a captain. Likewise, it takes an entrepreneur to understand what it's like to be an entrepreneur. Forum gives me the vehicle to talk, entrepreneur to entrepreneur, in confidential, non-competitive surroundings. I can get the advice and guidance I need, in near real-time, from people that I've grown to know and trust. In short, forum is game-changing!
Jim StrizingerEntrepreneur

At FOCUS, we believe that member-facilitated forums provide a more enriching experience. There is no underlying profit motive. All members are equal, and each member is responsible for their own investment and benefit.

More specifically, we believe FOCUS Forum provides the highest possible value and benefit for members.

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