Through forum, I have six advisors who understand my business and my role in it. They ask the hard questions. They provide guidance and encouragement. My life, career and relationships are better because of forum.

Jim Hendrix The Graphic Cow Co.

Forum is by far the greatest business asset I’ve ever invested in. The feedback from like-minded individuals with similar goals but completely different life experiences and skill sets is invaluable. If you do one thing as an entrepreneur working on a business, join a forum.

Patrick Bryant Entrepreneur

FOCUS Forum has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. I’ve gained amazing perspective from peers who are experiencing similar challenges and opportunities. My forum group has become my best friends.

Peter Waldschmidt Company Name

Forum changed my life because I have a venue where I can discuss issues in my life with people who deeply understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. The value of the feedback I receive is incalculable. I highly recommend a forum to anyone who wants more life.

Mark Richards Company Name

FOCUS Forum provides the fertile ground to become a better human.Through a dedicated process and mutual commitment to one another, growth, awareness and transformation unfold in a manner that is fundamentally simple yet profound.

Nathan Masters Entrepreneur