Q:What is forum in general?

Forum is a trusted group of people coming together to listen, to offer support and advice, and to help the other members in any way they can. The common goal for the group is to help each other and make each other better in everything they do. The two main types of forum are professionally moderated and member facilitated.

Q:Who should join a forum?

Forum has mainly been utilized by top-level business leaders and entrepreneurs who have very few in their circle of trust and no other place where they can take theirconcerns and challenges.

Q:How is FOCUS Forum different from forum in general?

FOCUS Forum is a member facilitated forum designed to provide the highest possible value and benefit for members. There are several key differences between FOCUS Forum and forum.

Q:Are there certain qualifications required for FOCUS membership?

The only requirement for membership in a FOCUS Forum is that you must have a registered business with annual revenues of at least $100,000 per year.

Q:How do you match people to a particular FOCUS Forum?

We group members from non-competing businesses in the same geographical area. Members are matched based on personal and professional profiles and needs as determined by answers to a brief questionnaire.

Q:What is involved with joining a FOCUS Forum?

There are some key obligations when you decide to join a FOCUS Forum. You must commit to:

  • Stay with the group for at least one year
  • Attend all FOCUS Forum meetings (typically 8 to 10 per year) and the annual retreat
  • Arrive on time for all meetings and stay until the conclusion
  • Play an active role in facilitating/running the forum by fulfilling one of the positions
  • Participate fully in each meeting
  • Complete confidentiality and mutual respect
  • Others???
Q:Why do I have to join FOCUS to be a member of a FOCUS Forum?