What We Do

FOCUS’ primary mission is to provide professional peer learning and development for motivated, curious, open-minded executives, leaders and entrepreneurs. We act as a clearing house to bring entrepreneurs and leaders together to form leadership development forums and mentoring relationships. FOCUS also sponsors leadership/life training and provides the resources and coaching to ensure forum success.

FOCUS is simply life shared for synergy with the Golden Rule as its foundation.
Bill MastersFOCUS Founder

What We Believe

  • We believe that entrepreneurship is the backbone of any successful country.
  • We believe that the Golden Rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the foundation for a better world. FOCUS is founded upon that rule.
  • We believe that peer-to-peer learning based on shared experiences is the fastest and most effective development and growth a leader can experience. Peer-assisted learning help us better understand our beliefs, values and actions so that we can follow a more rewarding path in life.
  • We believe that each of us desires a high quality of life and that the best way to achieve this is through FOCUS Life Sharing – sharing our life’s journey with like-minded people within the safety of structured forum, mentoring and training.
  • We believe that being an entrepreneur or a leader cannot be taught, but it can be learned through open observation and experience.

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About Our Founder

Bill Masters is a highly successful entrepreneur, whose accomplishments span more than 30 years of inventing, building, designing, manufacturing and developing consumer products. Bill has started numerous companies, including international businesses in England and New Zealand.

He founded Perception Kayaks (a kayak-building company) in 1976, grew the business to the largest of its kind in the world and then successfully sold it. He holds over 30 patents in boat design, plastics manufacturing, computers and heat transfer, including landmark patents in 3-D printing. He is currently president and owner/partner in several companies.

Bill has always had a passion for developing and mentoring high-performance entrepreneurs. He has served that purpose by dedicating his time to studying and advancing the art and science of forum.

Bill played an active role on the International Forum Advisory Boards for both Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and World Presidents’ Organization (WPO), and at one point, as a forum officer, was responsible for all YPO forums in North America.

Bill Masters is the most outstanding entrepreneur I've ever known. I can't think of anyone better suited to coaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs.
Bob BlackFormer President of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, 5th District